Applies only to customers new to SAP SuccessFactors Learning (LMS)

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We Implement

“Implementation” is a series of activities performed from the time a customer purchases LMS licenses to the time end-users begin using the LMS for training (aka “Go-Live”).













We review
We scope
We sign-off
We execute

Staffing resources

Scheduling meetings

Conducting workshops

Migrating data

Setting up interfaces

Training Admins









and provide you a fixed fee quote that includes:

Key milestones






on a formal SOW (Statement of Work)



on the signed SOW by

legacy system

goals for SF LMS



content system

reporting needs

regulatory needs


We "Go Live"

We Migrate Data

Applies if you..

are new to SFLMS, or 

have new business units

being added to SF LMS.




We conduct workshops where we review with you how your legacy fields map to available target fields, and discuss the impact to business processes. 

In case you implemented with us previously, and your legacy data source is the same, we can skip this step and save you time and budget.


You pass along your legacy data to us securely, in a format we mutually agree, whether it is spreadsheets or text files. We transform your data to fit SF LMS data interface (“Connector”) specifications; We load the data for you. 

We transfer knowledge in case you prefer to do this yourself in the future.

We Train

Applies if you..

are new to SFLMS, or 

have new Admins to train



We sit by you as you learn to drive the LMS "hands-on".  

Till we drive past COVID-19 we will be seated a webinar away.

Our Guiding Philosophy on Training

Driving the LMS is NOT just about learning the latest product features, 

bells and whistles.

When you go live and 

we hop off the LMS,

we want you to drive

safely, securely and responsibly.


We train you knowing 

there are others 

sharing the LMS with you.

We train you to avoid violations, 

esp. in highly regulated industries.

Should you get pulled over,

we train you to produce

“validated” documentation.

Should you need counsel, 

we are a phone call away.

We can train best those that drive the LMS as if it's their own, 

as opposed to those that are along just for a ride.

Health Check

For customers live on SF LMS 

we talk to you 

about your symptoms

about your pain points.

We solve what we can

to keep the lights running.

Then we attempt to answer these questions for you:

Are you making the most of your LMS?


Are you utilizing the LMS features adequately for your industry? 

Are you keeping up with the product updates relevant to you?

Are your admins using the system optimally and efficiently?

Are you following

industry best practices?


For customers live on SF LMS 

we talk to you 

about your current metrics

about what you wish to measure

and why?

Then we respond with a plan that may include key performance indicators

in some of these areas:


Cost Indicators

per user/course/initiative

Timeliness Indicators

per user/course/initiative

Compliance Indicators

Quality indicators

Custom Reports

We customize out-of-box reports to provide you exactly the fields you need, and ensure it is optimized for your specific business need.

Most Common Requests

Add/Remove User fields

FDA CFR Part 11 Audit info

Reduce/Optimize file size

Data for 3rd party BI Tools

Admin Support

We provide post Go-Live Support to Admins whenever needed. Typically these are Time and Materials contracts with invoicing limited to hours used. 

Most Common Requests

Emergency Support

Advice on config change

Advice on new feature

Connector error review

Training topic revisit

In case you have unexpected key staff turnover, and do NOT have a replacement yet, please contact us

to facilitate knowledge capture

so we can transfer knowledge

once the replacement is available.

Custom Branding

LMS User Interface

Custom/HTML Emails

Custom Certificates of Completion

The out-of-box LMS emails are plain and text-only. Customers often enhance these emails to add custom logo, colors, and HTML links. 

We assist with best practices and frequently used configurations.

Common Requests

Remove timezone from email

Tabulate email info

Add direct links to email

Add contact to email

Add colors to email

Add custom fonts to email

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